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Winalite California, US, Los Angeles

Buy Winalite Anion sanitary napkin "Love moon" in California USA

Buy anion pads in California USA

• Anion pads always in stock
• You are guaranteed to buy a quality product without the risk of running into fake
• You deliver the goods in any convenient and profitable for you
• You will be given the necessary information about the anion pads and advice on their use
• Constant information support

Why the anion pads?

Winalite USA New York Anion pads Love Moon

So look anion pads !

LoveMoon pads

Winalite Anion Lovemoon Night Pad Set  Winalite Anion Lovemoon Day Pad Set   Winalite Anion LoveMoon Pantiliner set

Lovemoon Night Pad

Set 20 packs x 8 pads

Lovemoon Day Pad

Set 19 packs x 10 pads

Winalite Pantiliner

Set 16 packs x 30 pads

Each package has a sealed valve which prevents the ingress of dirt and dust during operation.

Each strip is packaged individually sealed to guarantee its sterility during storage.

Retail price $120 Set

Distributor price $90 Set

Are you interested?

If you wish to go on and become our business partner in USA :

Winalite California, US, pads, anion sanitary napkin, lovemoon, Los Angeles

In order to buy products Winalite  (Anion sanitary napkin "Love moon" or others)

please contact our representative in California, US, Los Angeles:













Winalite California, US. Los Angeles. Buy anion sanitary napkin " Love moon". Anion Pads Lovemoon.

Special promotion Winalite USA

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