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Start Earning Money Today!  


Start earning money today USAWe are excited to present you the Power Up Cash

Incentive Promotion!  

Winalite USA


From April 5th to May 2nd start earning an EXTRA $30 to $4,000 bonus cash in addition to your normal commission when you sponsor

New Gold, Platinum and Diamond members! 


Cash incentive payout according to the chart below:

Cash incentive payout according to the chart below



For example: if you sponsor 3 New Gold Members within this timeframe we will be mailing you a bonus check for $300 (this is in addition to the P.I.B. you will earn from each member):

P.I.B. = $150

Cash Bonus = $300 (see above)

Total paid for sponsoring 3 New Gold Members = $450


Make even more when you sponsor just 2 New Platinum Members:

P.I.B. = $240

Cash Bonus = $450 (see above)

Total for sponsoring 2 New Platinum Members = $690


Selling only ONE Diamond?  Take a look!

P.I.B. = $300

Cash Bonus = $500 (see above)

Total for sponsoring 1 New Diamond Member = $800


Effective Period : April 5th - May 2nd, 2013 (11:59 PM PST)   


*To take advantage of the Cash Bonus Promotion, members must be of Gold rank or higher.  During this time, we will be allowing unlimited upgrades so that Silver Members have the ability to upgrade and earn cash bonuses

*Regular member qualification: A valid maintenance purchase of 50PV or above for the promotion period is   mandatory

*Account reactivation: Reactivating expired accounts will require an initial purchase of 150PV regardless of account level

* This promotion is only offered to US and Canada members who sponsor members in the USA  

*In order to take advantage of this promotion sponsorship must be from NEW sponsored members and ONLY in U.S.A.

*Items purchased during the promotional period cannot be returned or exchanged

*Other rules and regulations may apply  




Call us for more information! 

California, Los Angeles: 714-906-8813

NewYork: 347-907-2680


Start Earning Money Today! Winalite USA


Cash incentive payout according to the chart below

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