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Current situation and prospect of health product industry.
Health product industry is an escalating and sizzling business. Statistically speaking, there has been a solid increase of sales all over the world in the past 20 years.

America has increased by 36 times,Japan has increased by 32 times. Annual growth rate in EU countries is 13%, China on the other hand, is 15% to 30%, which is by far higher than the average of developed countries. However, the current average spending per person in China is 31RMB only, 1/12 compare to Japan and 1/17 to America. The market potential is magnificent.

Around 1 billion semi healthy people in the world has insufficient medical care. The finding of a survey from WHO indicates that only 5% of people are actually healthy all over the world, 20% are sick with the rest of 75% are semi healthy. In China, 70% of people appear to be semi healthy, which means the number reaches 1 billion.

Proper health care could get thesepeople back to the health track, sick path on the contrary. It's a pity that most people's perception towards "healthy" stays at the level of "fix the problem when it pops". Despite a few have the cognition to execute the prevention by taking health products, the effect is questionable without quality health guide.

The unpredictable SARS brought tremendous inconveniences to our works and lives, on the other hand, endless marketing opportunities rose to the surface. Nowadays, people have raised awareness to the importance of daily health care, physical training, personal and public environment build.


              10 reasons to invest:

Small product with huge market-"love moon" sanitary napkin

Two patents: the first "inside anion piece" and "gynecological disease detecting piece" in China, which reached the leading level in the field globally.

Function patents: the structure of seven layers, streamlining and sanitary production process, the packing which meets the food hygiene standard, high-tech patent, natural treatment, absence of side effect.

Market analysis: among 1.5 billion people in China, women from the age group of 13 to 50 spend 105 billion RMB each year on sanitary napkin and there is an increasing trend! Only countable brands in the market, this 6 billion customers' market transcends nationality and race.

Requirement analysis: necessity for live, women must buy!

Psychological analysis: products with guaranteed quality meets people's psychological need for "secure and health product".

Price analysis: the retail price is equivalent of the price of similar product of high class in the market, member price is even lover than the market average.

Strategy analysis: traditional way of marketing combined with the modern competent marketing tool- E commerce.

Risk analysis: reasonable investment followed by easily achievable sales target, little after sales service (females know how to use it), monthly and repeatedly purchase.

Jewish philosophy of making money: it is 10 times easier to earn money from purses than from wallets.


              The Perfect Network Marketing Personal Franchise Business Opportunity...

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