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Winalite multi level marketing company

Winalite International Ltd is a company with research, production and sales power, a high-tech multinational cooperation founded in January 2007. Through the main product of ‘love moon’ anion sanitary napkin, the company has gained international marketing development and wide range of popularity.

The company has 2 matured and modernized factories in Guangdong, and another one newly built in Chongqing at the beginning of 2008. Currently it has 10 thousand square kilometers of standard factories. The high-tech products include ‘love moon’ sanitary napkin, shampoo, diaper etc, the main product of ‘love moon’ anion sanitary napkin has two national patents which are ‘anion padding’ (patent No.ZL200420064658.0) and ‘PH balance Self Test Kit’ (patent No. ZL 200720062070.5). These two patents have gained global approvals like HK safety mark, FDA approval, European Union CE approval and patent certificates form many other countries.

Winalite International has more than 400 employees at the moment, including many top administrators with multi-national enterprise management experiences. The global business partners exceeded 500,000 people and the products are sold all over the world. Branches of the company are built in many countries, US, Russian, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan etc.

Excellent product quality and abundant strength enable the company’s rapid development. HK Winalite International Ltd was officially listed on OTCBB in American market on January 15th 2008 (stock number: HKWO). It laid solid foundation for Winalite to build its international brand.

Although the developing speed of Winalite is incredible, the sense of social responsibility has never been ignored. The company has actively participated a lot of charity events. Under the company culture of “all for love, love for all”, Winalite International has taken part in all kinds of public welfare activities. Every since the 90s of last century, the warm hearted Chen HuaiDe, president of Winalite International, vice president of China Poverty Support Committee, has helped endless people who were suffering, he gained business and charity success at the same time. Under the leadership and inspiration from him, Winalite has donated 100 million RMB worth of product and cash to the society, mainly used for women health projects, poverty support and education.

Cooperation mission

Forming a group of international administration and marketing elites, a technology that combines health care, e-commerce and interpersonal marketing, an international leading brand, a company that belongs to one of the top 500 companies in the world.

Cooperation positioning

Health technology, E-commerce, interpersonal marketing, international cooperation.

Cooperation culture

Passion, commitment, dedication, mutual victory, innovation.

Slogan: technology creates love
Technology: health and information technology. Love: health products create love, interpersonal marketing creates love, cooperation culture creates love.

Cooperation logo indication



The company name directs to the imagination of gentle moonlight shines onto our great mother land.

English name indication


"Win" is the purpose of every mission.
"A" means the best
"Lite" pronounces similarly with "light", which would shine our way through

Logo implication

The shape of it is close to the Chinese world "fly"
Look from a different angle, it's like a yacht sailing to the dream land.
Combined with the company name, a vivid picture appears, a steady yacht is sailing to the wonder land, shined by the bright yet gentle moonlight.

Color implication

Green shows technology and health.
Pink shows feminity and care.
Grey shows quality and stability.




Winalite multi level marketing global company

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