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MLM Opportunity Winalite USA

Market Potential (Sanitary Pads)

The industry is estimated to grow to at least $150 billion dollars globally by the year 2010.

Investment  Analysis:

1. Unique patented product: Indispensable to women.

2. Strong market penetration: It can be marketed together with other products, such as healthcare products, cosmetics, fashion etc. It can be marketed in any of the places such as shopping malls, exclusive counters, hotels, beauty salons or convenience stores.

3. No service requirements after sale: One-off product disposed of after use. 

4. Small investment capital, low risk, high return potential.

5. Simple, convenient, easy to understand, easy to learn, compensation & marketing plan is simple, easy to operate and easy to duplicate.


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MLM Opportunity Winalite USA

Special promotion Winalite USA

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